Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is a surgical procedure used to correct myopia (near sighted vision), astigmatism and hyperopia (farsighted vision).


There are different types of eye lasers.The Excimer Lasers are responsible for the correction of Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism by reshaping the anterior corneal surface.
The upper limits of laser correction for Myopia are at the level of 10 - 12 diopters and for Hyperopia and Astigmatism at the level of 6 diopters.
They are not able to correct Presbyopia without affecting the far vision and contrast sensitivity except in Hyperopic patients which are the best canditates to correct Presbyopia without any compromise in contrast sensitivity and far vision.
Lasers are contraidicated in Keratoconus patient s except in selected cases where they are combined with Cornea Cross Linking.
The laser corrects Hyperopia by sculpting at the periphery of the cornea, in contrary by sculpting at the center corrects Myopia.


There is no best technique, both are based upon the principles of excimer lasers.
One month after surgery the visual results are equally well whether you performed LASIK either PRK .
Your doctor, bearing in mind the anatomical features of your cornea and your lifestyle(sport activities, profession, hobbies) will select the safest method for you.
In general LASIK is the favorable method because the sight restoration will not take more than 24 hrs. while the complains are minimal and disappear on the next morning resulting in the WOU effect.
Contrary to LASIK in PRK the complete restoration of vision will take 2-3 weeks, while the complaints from surgery will disappear after three days.
In cases where the Cornea is thin, the tear production is low, or you are involved in contact sports training, PRK is an absolute indication.